SmartAwards is an easy to use software solution service that transform the standard awards management in your business environment.

Easy to use

Basic, clear and user friendly designs that simplify workflow process of your awards system.


Judges enjoys scoring and evaluations on their most convenient time and place.

Cost effective

Online awards systems actually reduces cost and saves a great amount of time on all parties involved.


Online security is our main concern for our users, we make sure all information are safe and secured.

A system you can trust.

Awards Participants

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Easy, fast registration
  • Configurable auto save feature
  • Keep track of your progress
  • Download a PDF copy of your submission
  • Provides completion checklists guidance
  • Accessible awards system

Judges, Jury, Assessors

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Auto save, worry free on losing data
  • Judges can keep a record of his score
  • Implements different types of evaluation standards
  • Accessible from using different device types (PC, Mobile and Tablets)

Awards Facilitators

  • Comes with CMS for your award website
  • Informative and graphical dashboard
  • Offers extensive, statistical, trends and analysis reports
  • Unlimited number of submissions
  • Bulk export, file downloads
  • Bulk sending of emails
  • Configurable user access
  • Configurable categories and judging criterias
  • Monitor and tracks submissions and judging progress
  • Builds an archive for each award cycle